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  • Go Blue

    Supercharge your game-day excitement while enveloped in unbeatable comfort, proudly representing your... 

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    Introducing our T-Shirt Hoodies, the perfect attire for those who can't decide... 

  • Trees

    Storms can have a profound impact on trees, both above and below... 

  • You Matter

    The You Matter collection is all about spreading positivity and self-love! With... 

  • Bow Hunter

    This collection showcases a bow hunter design that highlights the thrill of... 

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flower lion design on a hoodie worn by a woman sitting outside

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Experience comfort and style with Pretty Fierce - the must-have collection for those who want to make a bold statement. Featuring a striking lion design with a unique touch of flowers on the mane, this line celebrates both power and individuality in comfortable, wearable items. Unleash your inner confidence and let the world know you're Pretty Fierce

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About Me / The Smash of SmashTee

Hey, HomeSlices! Ashley here, the mastermind behind SmashTee.. I'm living the dream in Michigan with my stud of a husband and our two fur babies, Ophelia and Bo.

It all started on Halloween in 2012 when I wanted to be a superhero...but not just any ordinary superhero. I wanted to be a unique and quirky one. And so, Smashley was born (shoutout to my glitterhawk days). I've always had a passion for creativity, but my degree in Graphic Design from Central Michigan University (Fire Up!) only took me so far in the corporate world. I was stuck in an IT job that just wasn't cutting it for my artistic cravings.

But I was done settling and sitting on the sidelines. I wanted to pursue my creative dreams and make a difference in the world. That's why I started SmashTee. I noticed a gap in the market for size-inclusive apparel, and I found my niche. I'm starting small with, but my ultimate goal is to design and print unique, size-inclusive products for everyone to rock.

So, thank you for taking the time to check out SmashTee. Whether you're just browsing or actually making a purchase, you're helping me turn my small potatoes into something big. Let's do this thing!

Ashley SmashTee owner 1 Ashley SmashTee owner 2 ashley from SmashTee standing with husband and two dogs outside