Collection: Embroidered Collections

Our embroidered collection of sweatshirts and hoodies features a variety of designs that are perfect for showing off your team spirit or personal style. The "Go Blue" design features the iconic blue and maize colors of the University of Michigan, while the "Fire Up!" design features bold, maroon lettering and is inspired by the spirited shout of Central Michigan University alumni, students, and fans. The "Warrior" design showcases a fierce phoenix rising from the ashes, symbolizing strength, resilience, and determination. The "Do It Anyway" design features inspiring words of encouragement. In addition, our collection list also includes the "Be Your Own Hero" design, which features bold, empowering words.

All of our sweatshirts and hoodies are made of high-quality, comfortable materials and are perfect for staying warm and stylish during the colder months.

*stay tuned for more to come!